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0. Whole-game issues

0.1 Races, classes and their combination
0.1.1 General characteristics
0.1.2 Lifespans
0.1.3 Special considerations
0.1.4 Race-specific starting items
0.1.5 Class-specific starting items
0.2 Alignment and Altars
0.2.1 What is alignment?
0.2.2 Changing alignment
0.2.3 Altars - How to use altars
0.2.4 How to recover from errors
0.2.5 Crowning, precrowning and postcrowning Possible crowning gifts for each class
0.2.6 Piety loss
0.3 Food - preventing starvation
0.4 Skills - description and usefulness
0.4.1 Guaranteed ways of acquiring skills
0.4.2 Non-guaranteed ways of acquiring skills
0.4.3 Training skills
0.5 Spells and Mindcraft
0.6 Stats
0.6.1 Increasing stats Exercising stats naturally Training with Garth Herbs Eating corpses Potions Crystals of knowledge
0.6.2 Rearranging stats Potions of exchange Potions of balance
0.6.3 Increasing stats beyond their usual limits
0.7 Weapon skills
0.7.1 Jack of all trades or master of one?
0.7.2 Class considerations - what weapon to specialize in
0.7.3 Achieving Grand Mastery
0.8 Armor considerations
0.8.1 DV versus PV
0.9 Killing monsters
0.9.1 The significance of the first kill The Courage skill The Filk quest Strategy for the first kill: where and what?
0.9.2 Cats - the significance of felines
0.9.3 Karmic beings
0.9.4 Dragons
0.9.5 Strategies for dealing with particularly annoying monsters
0.9.6 Weapon status - blessed, uncursed, cursed
0.10 Corruption
0.10.1 What is corruption?
0.10.2 Gaining corruptions Background corruption Corruption traps Corrupting hits from monsters Artifacts which corrupt Moon Sickle When carried When used Potions of raw chaos Tracts of chaos From pools From corpses Riurry - the greater black unicorn quest Being crowned a champion of chaos
0.10.3 Removing corruptions Potions of cure corruption Obtaining potions of cure corruption from Guth'Alak Scrolls of chaos resistance Tracts of order Yrruir - the greater white unicorn quest
0.11 Companions and slaves
0.11.1 Companions Scrolls of familiar summoning Figurines of wondrous power Taming monsters Hawkslayer
0.11.2 Slaves
0.12 Intrinsics
0.12.1 Resistance
0.12.2 Immunity
0.12.3 Dooming and Cursing
0.12.4 Lucky and Fate Smiles
0.12.5 Teleportitis and teleport control
0.12.6 Special birth messages
0.12.7 Water breathing
0.13 Dungeon features
0.13.1 Level messages, special messages
0.13.2 Traps
0.13.3 Doors Locked doors Door traps Secret doors
0.13.4 Dark rooms
0.13.5 Tension rooms, threatening rooms
0.13.6 Herbs
0.13.7 Shops
0.13.8 Rivers
0.13.9 Pools
0.13.10 Forges
0.13.11 Hives Ants Bees
0.13.12 Special rooms and their effects Permanent effects One time effects
0.13.13 Vaults Lesser vaults Greater vaults
0.13.14 Royal treasuries
0.13.15 Danger levels and top trap types
0.14 Tips & tricks
0.14.0 Darkness
0.14.1 Recharging wands
0.14.2 Huge rocks and anvils
0.14.3 Statues
0.14.4 Potions of raw chaos
0.14.5 Potions of exchange
0.14.6 Regeneration of HP and PP: potions of troll blood and raw mana Troll corpses
0.14.7 Freezing water
0.14.8 Safe places to store items
0.14.9 Seven league boots
0.14.10 Stethoscopes
0.14.11 Undocumented character abilities
0.14.12 The weight and appearance of objects
0.14.13 Fortune cookies, rumors and the babblings of Yggaz
0.14.14 Day, date and time effects
0.14.15 The opening question system
0.14.16 Talents
0.14.17 The final score

1. Early game strategies

1.1 What kind of character is good for each starsign?
1.2 Places to go to start
1.2.1 Terinyo Tywat Pare Kranach Rynt The Village Dungeon, Jharod and Yrrigs Munxip The tiny girl The Puppy Cave Yggaz Guth'Alak The Druid Dungeon and Keethrax Blup Townspeople
1.2.2 Lawenilothehl Yergius Barnabas Kranf Niest Skriek Hotzenplotz and his guards Other inhabitants of Lawenilothehl
1.2.3 The Small Cave Objectives, strategy for survival and items found in the Small Cave Should PCs descend through the Unremarkable Dungeon? The nature of the Unremarkable Dungeon The High Mountain Village - introduction
1.2.4 The Infinite Dungeon Why start the game in the Infinite Dungeon?
1.2.5 The wilderness Why start the game in the wilderness? Strategy and problems in the wilderness The Survival skill
1.3 Places to avoid in the early game
1.4 What's next?

2. Mid-game strategies

2.1 The early levels of the Caverns of Chaos (CoC)
2.2 The Arena
2.2.1 Ratling traders
2.2.2 Cats in the Arena
2.2.3 The Ratling Rebel
2.3 The Big Room
2.4 The Si
2.5 Dwarftown
2.5.1 Waldenbrook
2.5.2 The Priest
2.5.3 Thrundarr Thrundarr's quests, their rewards and the significance of the rewards The Living Forest and the Dwarven Halls The Ogre Cave
2.5.4 The Dwarven Mystic
2.5.5 Garth and training
2.5.6 Glod and smithing
2.5.7 The Green Griffon Inn Bart Torgall
2.5.8 The Demented Ratling
2.6 The Old Barbarian's glade
2.7 The Dwarven Graveyard
2.7.1 Surface level
2.7.2 Underground level Griff Bloodax Nonnak
2.8 The Mad Minstrel
2.9 The Pyramid
2.9.1 The first two levels
2.9.2 The top level Rehetep
2.10 The Gremlin Cave
2.11 The Assassins' Guild
2.11.1 The DDL
2.11.2 The VDDL The hidden stairway and how to descend
2.11.3 The final level The Assassin Prince
2.12 The Tomb of the High Kings
2.13 The Water Dragon's Lair
2.13.1 Shyssiryxius
2.14 Khelavaster
2.14.1 Saving Khelavaster
2.14.2 Khelavaster's gifts
2.15 The CoC Graveyard
2.16 The Water Temple
2.16.1 The Snake from Beyond
2.17 The Banshee
2.18 Darkforge
2.18.1 Kherab Kherab's quests and their rewards
2.19 The Tower of Eternal Flames
2.19.1 The Ancient Chaos Wyrm
2.20 The Ruined City
2.20.1 The Minotaur Maze The Minotaur Emperor
2.21 The High Mountain Village - part two
2.21.1 The Stone Giant Lord
2.21.2 Hawkslayer
2.21.3 Ratling guardians
2.21.4 Leggot
2.21.5 Ogre guardian
2.21.6 Gaab'Baay
2.21.7 The Oracle
2.21.8 The malicious doctor
2.21.9 Ratling traders
2.21.10 Hidden locations
2.22 The Rift
2.22.1 The Rift dungeon The ratling dealer
2.22.2 The Sinister Library of Niltrias The Ghost Librarian
2.23 The Stone Circle
2.23.1 Keriax
2.24 The Quickling Tree
2.25 The Infinite Dungeon
2.25.1 Filk
2.25.2 MaLaKaI
2.26 The Unicorn Quests
2.26.1 Yrruir, the Greater White Unicorn
2.26.2 Riurry, the Greater Black Unicorn
2.27 The Bug-Infested Temple

3. Late game strategies

3.1 The wall of flames
3.2 The Eternal Guardian
3.3 The Casino
3.3.1 Strategies for robbing the Casino
3.3.2 Consequences of robbing the Casino
3.4 The shortcut to the surface
3.5 Battle bunnies
3.6 The Cat Lord
3.7 The Air Temple
3.7.1 Yulgash, the Master Summoner
3.8 The Earth Temple
3.8.1 The Ancient Stone Beast
3.9 Sharad-Waador's quest and the blue dragon caves
3.9.1 Srraxxarrakex
3.10 The Mana Temple
3.10.1 Nuurag-Vaarn, the Chaos Archmage
3.11 D: 48
3.12 D: 49
3.13 D: 50

4. Special endings

4.1 Andor Drakon
4.2 The Chaos God ending
4.2.1 Requirements
4.3 Ultra endings
4.3.1 The Trident of the Red Rooster The Filk quest The Mad Minstrel The Scintillating Cave The Emperor Moloch Khelavaster in Terinyo
4.3.2 The Avatar of Order ending
4.3.3 The Avatar of Balance ending
4.3.4 The Ultimate Chaos God ending

5. Unresolved mysteries

5.1 Kherab's third quest and the reward
5.2 The Scroll of Omnipotence
5.3 The Red Rooster Inn
5.4 The Volcano
5.5 The Weird Tome

6. Appendices

Notation for the item Appendices

Appendix A: Wearable items - complete list
Appendix B: Weapons - complete list
Appendix C: Tools - complete list
Appendix D: Wands - complete list
Appendix E: Potions - complete list
Appendix F: Books and Scrolls - complete list
Appendix G: Food - complete list
Appendix H: Gems - complete list
Appendix I: Unique NPCs - complete list
Appendix J: Monsters - complete list
Appendix K: Quests - complete list
Appendix L: Artifacts - complete list
Appendix M: Wishing - suggestions and warnings
Appendix N: Differences in the various versions of ADOM
Appendix O: Abbreviations commonly used when discussing ADOM
Appendix P: Other online resources about ADOM


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